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Fast-paced, quirky laugh out loud reads that will please even the most die hard romcom lovers. The Book Club novellas revolve around four best friends, their love of books and the poor guys that try to win their hearts.


Typically, I’m not the type of girl to spy on someone. 
Really, I’m not.
So why, you ask, do I have my eye pressed to the wall of my living room, spying on him

through my own private Glory Hole? 
Have you seen Beckett Jameson?

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​You would think going to Las Vegas to celebrate your best friend’s wedding would be a great time. 
You’d be wrong.  
I’m the kind of girl who plays by the rules.  
Las Vegas is the place where rules go to die.
I have a check list for my life, an order for which the things on that list are supposed to happen.

So far, all has gone according to plan.  
That is until one fateful night when I meet him.    
My list wasn’t prepared for him.
Frankly, neither was I. 
What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. 

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